For Companies who have between 50 and 249 on their largest PAYE scheme have staging dates between the 1st April 2014 and 1st April 2015.
Disclaimer: The legislation relating to Pension Reform and Auto Enrolment is complex. Therefore specific questions about Auto Enrolment or Pension Reform should be referred to the Pensions Regulator or your independent pension's advisor.
Companies most likely will integrate their auto enrolment obligations into their normal payroll activities. The K3Syspro Equator Payroll module helps payroll and HR departments comply with their duties as an employer under pension reform.
Specifically Equator adds to and uses data to help payroll departments in

  • Getting Ready for Auto Enrolment
  • Assessing the Workforce
  • Allow For Postponement Periods
  • Auto Enrol Appropriate Employees
  • Provide Documents and Notifications to Employees
  • Allow For Recording of Accurate Records
  • Automatically Calculate Contribution Amounts
  • Provide Reports to Assist in the Control Process
  • Introducing Pension Reform into your Payroll Procedures