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Giro Freddie Forte

Smartphone Apps for the Giro d'Italia

As the Giro d'Italia will pass only yards away from my house and is one of the biggest sporting events ever to come to Northern Ireland I thought I would investigate what apps are available for my smartphone. Here is a review of two of them

Giro d'Italia 2014  (free) Available on Android
This app gives basic information on each of the stages for Ireland and Italy including maps and profiles. Profiles for the novice (me included) show the gradient over distance for the stage. Although useful this app is not the most feature filled app ever written.
Tour Tracker from Cyclingnews (free) Available on Android  Tour Tracker (free) Available on iphone apps
Tour Tracker is also free but is a really brilliant app. Not only does it cover the Giro but the Tour de France and the Vuelata a Espana. This app has maps, profiles, live coverage, split times as well as the runners and riders. There is also a section on the latest social media posts related to the race. 

Both are availble for iphone app store and Android Google Play
I am just hoping that the rain stays off as I get the fold up chair and flask ready.
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